The Care Dependency Grant, administered by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency), is a social assistance program that provides financial support to parents or caregivers of children with severe disabilities or medical conditions that require ongoing care and supervision.

Care Dependency Grant

To be eligible for the Care Dependency Grant provided by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency), applicants must meet the following requirements:

Citizenship or residency: The applicant must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee. Both the applicant and the child must reside in South Africa.

Age of the child: The child must be under the age of 18 years.

Medical/assessment report: The applicant must submit a medical or assessment report confirming that the child has a permanent and severe disability requiring ongoing care.

Means test: The applicant and their spouse must meet the means test requirements, except for foster parents.

Exclusion from state institution: The care-dependent child or children must not be permanently cared for in a state institution.

The Care Dependency Grant aims to provide financial support to parents or caregivers who are responsible for children with significant disabilities or medical conditions. For more detailed information about the Care Dependency Grant, please click on the provided link or refer to the relevant resources available from SASSA.